TV Output Types

Retro Japanese consoles were originally released with RF cables before moving on to composite cables (red, yellow, white cords). We provide consoles with either type, so please check each product description carefully or contact us for more details.  TV Output Types work on NTSC TVs.  The keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.To play your retro console on an HDMI TV in superior quality, we recommend the use of a HD upscaler.

Japanese Game Region Codes

Japanese Game Region Codes.  Japanese games for all consoles are region coded to Japan and will not work with a US/EU console without the aid of a physical converter/adapter for cartridge games or CD loaders for CD based games. Physically modifying your console or games is not something we recommend doing.  

Power Supply Voltage

  All retro Japanese consoles we sell require a 100V power supply voltage. They are not multi-voltage so if you live in the UK or another country that uses 240V, you will need to use a step down transformer.

Setting up your Japanese Retro Console

  Browse through our Retro Console General Information to find out about power supply, AV Cable setup, mods, cleaning and repairing, game samples and lots of other fabulous information.  Need extra help setting up your Japanese Retro Console?  Just get in touch with us through our contact form and we would be glad to help.