TV Output Types

TV Output Types Retro Japanese consoles were originally released with RF cables before moving on to composite cables (red, yellow, white cords). We provide consoles with either type, so please check each product description carefully or contact us for more details.  TV Output Types work on NTSC TVs. ...

May 25, 2015

Japanese Game Region Codes

Japanese Game Region Codes Japanese Game Region Codes.  Japanese games for all consoles are region coded to Japan and will not work with a US/EU console without the aid of a physical converter/adapter for cartridge games or CD loaders for CD based games. Physically modifying your console or games is ...

May 21, 2015

Power Supply Voltage

Power Supply Voltage All retro Japanese consoles we sell require a 100V power supply voltage. They are not multi-voltage so if you live in the UK or another country that uses 240V, you will need to use a step down transformer.

May 21, 2015

Setting up your Japanese Retro Console

Setting up your Japanese Retro Console Browse through our Retro Console General Information to find out about power supply, AV Cable setup, mods, cleaning and repairing, game samples and lots of other fabulous information.  Need extra help setting up your Japanese Retro Console?  Just get in touch ...

April 22, 2015

Out of Stock Items

Out of stock items We deal with a list of large and small suppliers in Japan and acquire a variety of used items but ultimately, but used retro videogame consoles are not easy to source.  Therefore it’s not always possible to guarantee an out of stock item.  In any case, we welcome customers t ...

February 15, 2015

Information on Used Products

Information on Used Products and Product Condition We offer a wide variety of used consoles and games and inform customers as thoroughly as possible with regards to condition. Used products are sold either boxed or unboxed. Consoles, games & packaging may have superficial scratches due to age, t ...

January 23, 2015

How long do refunds take? How are funds returned?

How long do refunds take ? How long do refunds take?  Refunds are given only where a console has been shipped defective?  All purchases and refunds are processed through Paypal online banking services. Once a product has been cleared for a refund you should receive the refund within a few days.

January 23, 2015

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges We always guarantee your item is shipped in full working order.  This is because our team test all used consoles and games before sending them out.  As we are dealing with second hand used items, sometimes it can take the slightest movement of the cartridge in the console to ge ...

January 23, 2015

Package not arrived

Package not arrived Package not arrived .  If you have not received your order within the following time frames, please contact us via the email form or at EMS Express Airmail – 7 business days Airmail – 14 business days SAL economy airmail – 21 business days Surface mail ...

January 22, 2015

Package Transit Times

Package Transit Times Package Transit Times.  Package transit times obviously vary with location.  Please check the following table from the Japan Post website – Osaka International Post Office. International Parcel Post (Airmail and SAL) ...

January 22, 2015