Memorabilia / Accessories


Memorabilia and accessories including soft toys, keychains, towels and t-shirts.  Find your favourite game character form back in the days, for yourself or a friend.

We have a range of soft toys all cute n' cuddly.  We have good old Super Mario in small and large sizes.  A classic soft toy and popular with our customers.  Children absolutely love this product.  We also have Mario's handy accomplish, Luigi.  How can you go wrong with Luigi in his classic green plumbers outfit (yup, if you didn't already know, these guys were / are plumbers).  Luigi also comes in various sizes, just be sure to let us know which one you prefer.  In addition we have Yoshi our little friendly green dragon.

Check out our figures (larger items) and figurines (smaller items).  We some items from the Streetfighter series, Rockman and more.  These are fabulous collectables to have in one's collection.

We also have a variety of T-shirts, Face and hand towels, puzzles and a heap of other funky stuff.  Soon we will be adding Gaming music CDs that you can listen to anywhere, anytime and reminisce, so look out for those.

Need a cool accessory to show off to your cool retro style to your buddies?  Then have a peak at our game and watch memorabilia.  They look exactly like the game and watch series by nintendo back in the 80s, albeit a bit smaller.  Hang your keys off them, attach them to your bag, or just keep them in your collection of spectacular gaming memorabilia.  The Game & Watch keychains are solar powered so they are powered by the solar energy.  We have them in the Chef, Parachute and the classic Octopus.  Unfortunately they are not working handheld games but you can make the action screen move faster by pressing the arrow keys.