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Atari Lynx 2 Console plus 20 games


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Atari Lynx 2 Console plus 20 games

Atari Lynx 2 Console plus 20 games – 20 games included (US Model with US games).

APB,  Warbirds,  Batman Returns,  Dirty Larry Renegade Cop,  Electro Cop,  Gates of Zendocon, Gauntlet, Pow, QIX,  Robo Squash,  Shanghai, Slime World,  Steel Talons,  Stun Runner,  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,  Ms Pac,  Paperboy,  Pit-Fighter,  Xybots,  Klax

The Lynx was cited as the “first gaming console with hardware support for zooming and distortion of sprites”. Featuring a 4096 color palette and integrated math and graphics co-processors (including a blitter unit), its pseudo-3D color graphics display was said to be the key defining feature in the system’s competition against Nintendo’s monochromatic Game Boy. The fast pseudo-3D graphics features were made possible on a minimal hardware system by codesigner Dave Needle having “invented the technique for planar expansion/shrinking capability” and using stretched, textured, triangles instead of full polygons.

In 1989, Atari released a second version of the Lynx with a number of improvements including an extra hour of battery life, a sharper LCD screen, a button to switch off the backlight (to save on battery power when games are paused), a Power LED (it blinked when the battery was low) and rubber grips on the back, all encased in a smaller more rectangle-looking black casing. The Lynx II was backward-compatible with all Lynx games and was later advertised as being able to communicate directly with the upcoming 64-bit Jaguar.

Awesome Little retro machines.

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