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GameJoy AD Adapter


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GameJoy AD Adapter – Boxed

GameJoy AD Adapter – Boxed. GameJoy MD Adapter – Boxed. This product is to play Famicom on the Game Joy POKEFAMI DX and with AD adapter support.   Product comes with AV cables AV outputs which can be connected to the AV input terminal of a TV. SFC third-party compatibles not guaranteed to work.  Basically it’s an AD Adapter (GameBoy Advance To SNES Adapter).  You can plug it into your SNES to play a GBA game. Use your SNES joypad instead of the GBA joypad. You need to plug the AV cable to this adapter for video output. It can not be used with the  SNES AV output.  It can be used on both PAL and NTSC version SFC/SNES. But its AV output is NTSC, so keep it in mind fellow gamers.

  • High quality 3rd party product.
  • Compatible with most GBA games.  
  • Plug and Play.
  • Light-weight and Travel-Friendly.
  • Comes with Link Port.
  • Comes with a special AV cable.
*The operation of third-party SFC compatible consoles or ALL GBA software is not guaranteed.
*GB (Game Boy) and GBC (Game Boy Color) is not supported.
*Compatable with PokeFAMI DX, FC DUAL, or if you output to the original TV SFC game machine, the image quality of the video but will be rough though.
Included: AD adapter x 1
Stereo AV cable x 1


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