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GameJoy FC Adapter


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GameJoy FC Adapter – Boxed.

GameJoy FC Adapter – Boxed.  This product is to play Famicom on Game Joy POKEFAMI DX and with MD adapter support.   Product comes with AV cables AV outputs connected to the AV input terminal of the TV and play.  Basically it’s a Nintendo Super Famicom cartridge slot adapter for NES (NTSC-J) cartridges. If you connect a genuine Nintendo Super Famicom cartridge, the unit must be connected to the television with the supplied AV cable. SFC operation with non-compatible genuine POKEFAMI DX / is not guaranteed. Also available is a sister product, the awesome MD adapter.

Points to note:
It is not compatible with …… However course “SupaBoy”, FC game will not display on the LCD screen of the “SupaBoy” body.
As exceptional usage, if connected to the TV at the touch of a button of “SupaBoy” body, FC game will be played.

“SupaBoy”, Famicom games will not display on the LCD screen of the “SupaBoy” body.
If connected to the TV with “SupaBoy”, Famicom games can be played.

Composite (red, white, yellow) cable to connect to a TV included, which is plugged into a compatible machine rather than the Super Famicom / NES. Some customers complain the volume output is lower.  A couple customers have also noted that when used in the original SFC, there is no audio output,  it must be connected to the TV directly using the AV cable included.

Game Compatability:
Famicom Jump
Famicom Jump 2
Mario Brothers
Super Mario Bros.
Dragon Ball Z assault Saiyan
Dragon Ball Z seismic freezer
F1 race
Gekitotsu Yonku Battle
Clu Clu Land
Asumi~tsu kun land
Tower of Druaga
Elevator Action
Ninja Hattori
Ninja JaJaMaru-kun
Makai Island
Yandee Te cash Party legend
Nekketsu High School Dodgeball part
Final Fantasy 3


*Is not guaranteed to work on all the NES consoles i.e. No guarantee other than in Super Famicom / Nintendo compatible machine.

*If the cartridge outlet is dirty, it may not work properly. Please clean thoroughly

*In some games, if behavior becomes unstable there may be disturbance of audio and video.

Compatible models: Nintendo Super Famicom / POKEFAMI DX, Software support: Software NES (NTSC-J), Accessories: Connection cable / TV adapter cartridge body.



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