GameJoy FC SFC Dual Multi Console


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GameJoy FC SFC Dual Multi Console – Multi Console

GameJoy FC SFC Dual Multi Console – Multi Console.

  • High quality 3rd party product.
  • Directly plays Famicom, SNES or Super Famicom games.
  • Supports SNES or Super Famicom controller.
  • NTSC output – supports S-Video , AV output.
  • Comes with 110-240V power adapter, AV+S cable, 2pcs controllers.

This little gem is fabulous as you can use a genuine SFC controller with it too!  Unfortunately – for those that have asked us – multi-tap is not compatable as the shape of the controller terminal is different, so it is not possible to play multiplayer, such as Bomberman.  Also, the famicom controller microphone is unfortunately not supported.

Some reviews have mentioned that the position of the buttons on the control pad made things somewhat difficult or uncomfotable.  We have tested it and doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.  The accessory controller is also equipped with automatic fire capability. The length of the terminal and controller can seem a bit short, which may be a problem for some but generally negligable.

SFC (Super Famicom) software is very high quality,  and FC (Famicom) software will raise the picture quality through the “FC adapter” (sold separately)).  Some customer reviews indicate Famicom based games display a slightly darker screen, so something to consider for those wanting superior visual quality.  S terminal (SFC only) is available and also comes with a cable.

It can be hard to pull out the software cartridge, but a little care won’t hurt.  Be firm but gentle so this doesn’t become an issue over time.

Game Support:

“Super Mario Collection” (SFC) ○ None bug
“It’s Parodius” shooting system (SFC) ○ No bugs
RPG system “Dragon Quest 5” (SFC) ○ No bugs
RPG series “Final Fantasy 4” (SFC) ○ No bugs
Board game system “SUPER Momotaro Dentetsu 2” (SFC) after × title, do not disturb without ABXY button reaction
※ However, I was able without trouble Play After replacing the SFC genuine controller
Sports-based “Family Stadium 87” (FC) ○ No bugs
Slight issue with race-based “Final Lap” is (FC) × Race Course screen
Board game “Ultimate Life Theater 2” (FC) ○ None big issues [However microphone can not be used]


Awesome Little retro machines.

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