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GameJoy MD Adapter


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GameJoy MD Adapter – Boxed

GameJoy MD Adapter – Boxed. This product is to play Famicom on the Game Joy POKEFAMI DX and with MD adapter support.   Product comes with AV cables AV outputs which can be connected to the AV input terminal of a TV. SFC third-party compatibles not guaranteed to work.  Basically it’s an MD Adapter (MegaDrive To SNES Adapter)  Lets you play MegaDrive games on a SNES.


  • Play MegaDrive Games on a Super Famicom / SNES
  • Play Mega Drive games from any region
  • Includes a region switch to allow the choice to play Mega Drive games from multiple regions.


What is included:

  • 1x AV cable
  • 1x MD Adapter

*Original Super Famicom / NES body needed but also can be used on the FC DUAL, in that case, there is the supplied AV cable connected to the side of the cartridge.  Please use to connect to TV AV input terminal from AV output terminal.
*The operation in the third-party SFC compatible machine is not guaranteed.
* This product does not mean the behavior of all of the MD game software is guaranteed.
*MD peripherals are not compatable.
While we try our utmost to get the adapter pictured in this listing, we may only be able to provide an MDadapter that comes in a different color and packaging. However, it is also manufactured by Gamejoy and works in an identical manner.


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