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Nintendo Famicom Disk System SKU18

Nintendo Famicom Disk System SKU18.   The Family Computer Disk System (HVC-022), abbreviated as FDS, Disk System, or Famicom Disk System, is a floppy disk unit peripheral for the Nintendo Family Computer game console, released on February 21, 1986 in Japan.  The Disk System is capable of running on six C-cell batteries or the supplied AC adapter, which is 9V DC, 400mA, with center negative polarity.  The disk system attaches to the Famicom using a modified cartridge known as the RAM Adapter (HVC-023). The RAM Adapter plugs into the cartridge slot and connects to the FDS through a supplied cable.  The RAM Adapter contains 32KB of RAM for temporary program storage, 8KB of RAM for tile and sprite data storage, and an ASIC known as the 2C33. The ASIC acts as a disk controller for the floppy drive, and also includes additional sound hardware featuring primitive wavetable synthesis and FM synthesis capabilities.  The Disk System itself includes a FM synthesis chip that allows for more realistic sound on Disk System games.

4.5 million units were sold in Japan, and though it was announced for the United States, Nintendo of America eventually decided against releasing it, though a port on the bottom of the NES exists that went unused, implying that it would have been used for a disk-based add-on similar to the Famicom Disk System. Diskun was the mascot for the hardware.

Error Codes When a disk is unable to be correctly read by the system, frustratingly simple and ill-explained error messages are displayed on-screen, leaving the user unsure of the exact problem. Here’s a list of the FDS Error Codes, which are also used by the MGD1 copier: Err. 01 = No disk card Err. 02 = No disk power supply Err. 03 = Disk card is write protected Err. 04 = Disk card not authenticated (game maker ID) Err. 05 = Disk card not authenticated (game name ID) Err. 06 = Disk card not compatible (version ID) Err. 07 = Wrong side of disk card set in drive Err. 08 = Disk card #1 wrong Err. 09 = Disk card #2 wrong Err. 10 = Disk card #3 wrong Err. 20 = Screen data wrong Err. 21 = Disk card header block (Nintendo-HVC) wrong Err. 22 = Disk card header block #$01 unrecognized Err. 23 = Disk card header block #$02 unrecognized Err. 24 = Disk card header block #$03 unrecognized Err. 25 = Disk card header block #$04 unrecognized Err. 26 = Unable to write to disk card Err. 27 = Block end mark seen but ends prematurely Err. 28 = File ends prematurely during read Err. 29 = File ends prematurely during write Err. 30 = No space left on disk card (full) Err. 31 = File count in header and number of files on disk card do not match

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