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Nintendo Famicom Dragon Quest 2 SKUFM12

Nintendo Famicom Dragon Quest 2 SKUFM12 Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, also titled Dragon Quest II: Akuryō No Kamigami in Japan is a role-playing video game (RPG) developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix  (now known as Square Enix) in 1987 for the NES as a part of the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest II  allows the player to control more than one character, each of whom has their own characteristics, and it is the first game in the Dragon Quest series to do so. The game introduced a party system where, instead of beginning the game with an entire party like in previous computer RPGs, the player begins the game with only one character and gradually recruits more party members during the course of the game. The player controls his or her characters as they move in the game world. They can search treasure chests, talk and trade with villagers, equip themselves with weapons and armor, and cast spells.

While wandering fields, towers, caves, seas, and dungeons, the player encounters battles that happen randomly. The game’s battle mode introduces groups of monsters, which is an upgrade from the one-on-one battles of Dragon Quest. In the battle mode, the player gives orders to the characters on how to fight the monsters. Once the player defeats all of the monsters, the characters gain experience points and gold. The experience points raise the characters’ experience levels. This improves the characters’ attributes, and they may also learn new spells.

To win, the player must fight monsters to improve the characters’ experience levels and get gold to buy better weapons and armor. Eventually, the player’s characters become strong enough to make it to the next town or dungeon. This repeats until the player reaches the final boss and defeats him. However, the gameplay is not necessarily linear, especially after the player gets the boat. Exploration is a key component of the game.

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