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Nintendo Famicom Family Tennis SKUFM22

Nintendo Famicom Family Tennis SKUFM22 is a tennis game developed and published by Namco for the Famicom in Japan toward the end of 1987. It is the fourth game released under Namco’s Family sports series. In the game, players choose from among a selection of tennis players who are based upon real-world tennis athletes who were popular around the time of the game’s release.

The environments also follow the specifications are as short as fanciful: the matches can take place in a pool, in a mountainous environment, or in a well Japanese dojo. Note, however, the presence of conventional courts for the most serious of us, there is therefore the usual turf, dirt or asphalt (DecoTurf). Of course we find a number of players or players with enough own abilities even if it is not very obvious honestly.

The game features a single player who is the Tournament mode. One can face an IA lame the game completely stereotyped. The computer plays like a foot and proposes no effective or destabilizing tactics.  Graphically, this app is a fairly low level, even if the whole remains colorful and kawaii. However, courts are empty, and few rich in detail. The characters in SD are cute and that’s it. Nothing really so stunning.  The animation holds up, the game is at a good speed, and speed of movement of players is quite credible.  For sound we are treated to small digitized voice and sound effects of the ball pretty well rendered by cons music is conspicuously absent during games, which is a shame for the lightness of soft poles apart from a serious simulation.

The handling is really good, the key to a game like that. Even it does not reach the precision of a diabolical Final Match Tennis, the title will be greatly inspired without being able to match the master. The title remains pleasant to handle and several parties are linked in a sustained manner, which ensures a long life.


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