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Nintendo Famicom Field Combat SKUFM2

Nintendo Famicom Field Combat SKUFM2.  Field Combat is a 1985 video game in which the player fights as a single commanding officer in a futuristic battlefield.

The object of the game is to make it all the way to the end of the battlefield using the Genesis; a warship that can fire off missiles. While the player controls the blue forces, the player must defeat the Red forces without dying in the process by either avoiding or shooting helicopters, infantrymen, and tanks. Inside a walled-off arena, move your radar-equipped base around the play field to either shoot enemies with missiles or capture the attacking ground forces using your tractor beam.

Shooting enemies awards points, but capturing them increases your supply of reserve forces. The capture beam takes longer to deploy, however, and makes your base vulnerable to attack.  Enemies include infantry, mobile cannons, tanks, UFOs, and helicopters.   An interesting characteristic of the game is that it is possible to ask for reinforcements from an army, which the player possesses, by pressing both the A and B buttons at the same time. Whenever the player runs out of units to aid him in battle, he can use his special weapon to “absorb” the enemies and add them to his army. Once all the enemies have been defeated or captured on a level, your base is moved on to the next. Fields vary in complexity and add more obstacles as the levels increase. The quantity and sophistication of enemies becomes greater the longer you are able to survive.

The game used Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries as its background music. There is also an enemy UFO like spaceship that, when in battlefield, attempts to grab and escape with a player friendly unit (if there is any on the battlefield).  It will also engage into air-to-air battle with a friendly helicopter.


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Awesome little retro machines.

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