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Nintendo Famicom Hyper Sports SKUFM10

Nintendo Famicom Hyper Sports SKUFM10.  The sequel to Konami’s all-conquering Track & Field features seven all-new Olympic events. Like its predecessor, Hyper Sports (ハイパースポーツ) featured two run buttons and one action button per player. This game is known in Japan as Hyper Olympic ’84.  This time, there are seven events to compete in; Freestyle swimming, Skeet Shooting, Long Horse, Archery, Triple Jump, Weight Lifting, and Pole Vault. Due to the collection of events, Hyper Sports is not as Decathlon-based as its predecessor. Instead, it tries to have a more well rounded feeling. However, that well roundedness contributes to the lack of cohesion that ties all of the events together. Since the events have little in common, the control scheme continues to change and becomes less intuitive than the events found in Track & Field.

Hyper Sports was ported to a few systems, primarily Japanese. It did not receive the same level of popularity in the States as Track & Field did, and the video game market had crashed in America, so Hyper Sports is far less represented on popular American systems like Atari’s. The MSX conversion was actually spread out across three volumes, introducing extra events to the title. The NES conversion only contained three of the Hyper Sports events, Skeet Shooting, Archery, and Triple Jump, as well as the High Jump event found in the arcade version of Hyper Olympic. These four events were combined with the original four events in the Famicom version of Hyper Olympic to create the US version of Track & Field for the NES.


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