Nintendo Famicom Master Takahashis Adventure Island SKUFM25


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Nintendo Famicom Master Takahashis Adventure Island SKUFM25

Nintendo Famicom Master Takahashis Adventure Island SKUFM25.

Adventure Island (高橋名人の冒険島 Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima, “Master Takahashi’s Adventure Island”), also known simply as Adventure Island, is a side-scrolling platform game produced by Hudson Soft that was first released in Japan for the Famicom on September 12, 1986. It was later released in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System on September 1988 and in the PAL region in 1992 under the title of Adventure Island Classic.  It’s basically an adaptation of the arcade game Wonder Boy, originally published by Sega for developer Escape (now known as Westone Bit Entertainment).

The player controls Master Higgins, a young man who ventured to Adventure Island in the South Pacific after hearing that the Evil Witch Doctor kidnapped Princess Leilani. Although she is referred as Princess Leilani in the English version’s manual, the character is identified at the end of the game and both in the Japanese version and the original Wonder Boy as Tina. The Evil Witch Doctor may also be alternatively known as King Quiller, although this is not made clear in the game manual which lists it as a separate mystery enemy. Their names would be largely standardized in later localizations. To rescue her, Higgins must survive a series of 32 stages. There are eight worlds called “areas”, which are divided four stages or “rounds” each, which are further divided into four checkpoints. When the player reaches the fourth round of each area, he must confront a boss at the end to continue to the next area. The game is completed when the player saves the girl after defeating the eighth and final form of the evil lord.

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