Nintendo Famicom Secross SKUFM30


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Nintendo Famicom Secross SKUFM30

Nintendo Famicom Secross SKUFM30.  This software is a shooting game for the family computer and was released in 1986.  The game involves a sharp high-speed scrolling surface and the low-speed scroll surface.  In the normal racing mode, if you come in contact with any other car, the other party in spite of not being in the wrong, often crashes.  Crashing can skip and bounce the enemy on the side walls and obstacles in this game. Of course, since bouncing skipping you are in some danger of crashing, and the dead heat of jostling is deployed.  A strong element of shooting games, such as the power-up in route selection, also requiring ingenuity and strategic direction, so the game is not as monotonous.

Basically this is an action shooter game. In order to save a fellow left behind in the battlefield, and run through the enemy territory riding a bike!  Take the rescue in a small hovering bike “Gilgit-Petra”.  Your aim is to rescue a fellow friend waiting for help on the planet Korla. Enemy combat soldiers and artillery get in your way, and are destroyed by shooting an energy beam gun.  In addition to rescuing many people of Petra, you can win many bonus points.   A fair amount of bike energy is used up along the way so watch out because when bike energy is lost Gilgit will not be move, The number of Petra people rescued will become the key to advancing in the game.

Level Area Sample
Bike chase, battery zone, in Puzon
This is a 1 pattern 4 scene decisive battle between you and a tank fear.  The bike chase takes place in a loop background of 3 pattern configuration.  As the course scene changes so does the strength of the enemy every time you advance.

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