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Nintendo Famicom Taito Basketball SKUFM75

Nintendo Famicom Taito Basketball SKUFM75, known as Ultimate Basketball in the US was released in September 1990 by American Sammy. The game was later licensed by Taito and released in Japan as Taito Basketball.

The game plays like a conventional sports video game. The player chooses from a list of 14 teams, and controls five players on the team on the court, though only one player may be directly controlled at a time. There is a championship mode and a single game mode in the game. The game is unlike later sports based video games in that doesn’t use real professional college basketball players. The players a player may select for a team are entirely fictional, as are their statistics.

It was possible for so many players to foul out that only three or four were on the floor at the end of the game. In the Japanese version, a generic cheerleader comes over to the player and kisses him for winning the championship.


  • New York Powers
  • Boston Rangers
  • Los Angeles Eagles
  • Anaheim Cowboys
  • Detroit Unions
  • Toronto Frenzy
  • Chicago Wolves
  • Pittsburgh Zephyrs
  • San Diego Dolphins
  • San Francisco Sea Lions
  • Philadelphia Space Ants
  • Dallas Fighters
  • Seattle Storm
  • Houston Comets

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Awesome little retro machines.

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