Nintendo Famicom Taito Grand Prix Eikou heno License SKUFM34


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Nintendo Famicom Taito Grand Prix Eikou heno License SKUFM34

Nintendo Famicom Taito Grand Prix Eikou heno License SKUFM34

  Taito Grand Prix: Eikou heno License (タイトーグランプリ 栄光へのライセンス, “Taito License to Grand Prix Glory”) is a 1987 Formula One racing video game for the Japan-exclusive Famicom. This video game takes the player through randomized street racing circuits in addition to the various circuits of the 1987 Formula One season. There are over fifteen stock car tracks and eight Formula One tracks. Open mode allows the player to practice each course individually without any pressure from anything besides the time limit. Normal mode is more restrictive; the game forces the player to roam from city to city until they end their career by winning a full season of Formula One.There are three kinds of music (playing from a pretend cassette tape) and a blank soundtrack. The instrumental songs played in the game were: Offside Way, Crushing Light, and Faraway Dream. On the promotional flyer for this video game, a Formula One racing vehicle was shown with the Ford logo shown on the vehicle. However, there are no actual Ford Motor Company vehicles used in the entire game.   This game is much like Rad Racer but you race for rank points, cash for purchasing upgrades, and acquire new cars. You can race a Mini Cooper, a Ferarri BB512, and a Formula 1 race car. As you progress in the game you go from regular races to Grand Prix & World Tournament racing. If you are a fan of Rad Racer, this is a game you must try!  Taito Grand Prix was unusual for its time for having much more of a simulation element: In the game’s normal mode, players could drive from town to town, entering races and earning money to go towards customizing the car and buying better ones. The goal is to eventually purchase a Formula 1 car that will allow the player to enter the F1 races. These races award a lot more money. The starting vehicle is an old Mini Cooper.


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