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Nintendo Famicom The Maze of Galious SKUFM13

Nintendo Famicom The Maze of Galious SKUFM13 Majou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious (魔城伝説II 大魔司教ガリウス lit. Evil Castle Legend II: Great Demon Bishop Galious) is a 1987 adventure game developed and published by Konami for the Famicom.  While the first game was an overhead, vertical scrolling shooter, The Maze of Galious is a side-view, flick-screen platform game. The player controls Popolon and Aphrodite, entering the evil priest Galious’ castle to free their yet-to-be-born son Pampas from the priest’s evil clutches.

Being able to control Popolon and Aphrodite means the player actually has two lives, and while the characters act slightly different the game stays more or less the same, no matter who the active hero is.  Kidnapping Aphrodite in Knightmare was actually a diversion by an evil priest Galious.  Popolon went into Mt. Atos to rescue Aphrodite kidnapped by Hudnos. But it was a trap made by Galious. He attacked the castle during Popolon’s absence and also kidnapped and imprisoned a baby from heaven who was supposed to be born to Popolon and Aphrodite several years later.  While Popolon was away saving her Galious took over the Castle Greek and kidnapped their yet unborn baby Pampas. Popolon and Aphrodite must defeat Galious and his demons to free their castle and rescue Pampas.  In the game, the player controls not one, but two characters who may alternate at the player’s will. While the two characters, Popolon and Aphrodite, are nearly identical, they each contain an ability or two that the other does not, requiring the player to swap them at appropriate points in the game. The game is played in a large castle which contains entrances to five dungeons within the castle. Each dungeon contains a boss that must be defeated.

The Nintendo Famicom version of the game was released only in Japan, with a slightly different name Majou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious. Though the main concept is same, the game is significantly different from MSX version, most notably the level design.  Although the MSX version of the game was translated and released outside of Japan in Europe, the Famicom version was never sold outside of Japan.


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