Nintendo Game and Watch Octopus Solar Keyring


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Nintendo Game and Watch Octopus Solar Keyring

Nintendo Game and Watch Octopus Solar Keyring.  Game & Watch were a portable game machine that caused a big boom when Nintendo released its short-lived Game & Watch video game series..   The Octopus Game & Watch was no exception.  As the name suggests, this game, designed by the legendary Gunpei Yokoi, was both an alarm clock and a mini game in one. Now Takara Tomy has come up with a cool little keychain that lets you return to the days of Game & Watch giving a new spin on this with the Solar Power the Game & Watch.  Revived as a keychain for fun and nostalgia.  Although this little keychain isn’t actually a Game and Watch machine, it does sure look like one!   A touch smaller than the original, it nonetheless looks just like the console. The different versions also display the exact same animation as three of the most popular games: Chef, where you have to flip food in the kitchen; Octopus, an underwater chase to get the sunken treasure and avoid the sea creature; and Parachute, where you must save the parachutists from the shark-infested water!  What’s more, the keychain is also totally solar-powered, so it’s eco at the same time!  Press one of its face buttons and it will display a Game and Watch animation that you can speed up with the right button. No other buttons on the device work, but for the ultimate Game and Watch fans, these little replicas are a must-have.

Awesome little retro machines.





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