Nintendo Gameboy Advance Castlevania SKUGBA1


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Nintendo Gameboy Advance Castlevania SKUGBA1

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Castlevania SKUGBA1.

The Castlevania series is about a war between the enchanted family bloodline of the Belmonts and Dracula. Almost every hundred years, Dracula is resurrected and it is up to the Belmonts to defeat him before he invokes his wrath on the entire world. The plot’s main focus is Dracula, as he appeared in every Castlevania game. Most games in the series are set in Dracula’s castle and the surrounding Transylvanian countryside, located in present day Romania, although some entries have been set in other areas.

The most notable Belmont is Simon Belmont, star of the first several Castlevania games. However, the games feature many other characters, including Belmonts, relatives and other people that the player can control. Included among the usable characters is Adrian Fahrenheit Țepeș, also known as Alucard, the son of Dracula himself. Also, several female characters star in some of the later games. See Characters for more information about the characters of Castlevania.

The series is loosely based on the mythology of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. In fact, the novel is included in the official timeline of the series, with Castlevania: Bloodlines taking place shortly afterwards. The connection even goes as far as to claim that Quincy Morris, a character from the novel who lands the final blow against Dracula at the cost of his own life, is in fact a Belmont descendant. The series also incorporates a variety of other monsters from classic horror fiction, films, fantasy, and mythology. These monsters serve to obstruct the path to Dracula but are rarely tied to the game’s plot.

The series is also known for the differences between the Japanese and English language versions. The localization process usually removes a heavy share of violent and religious imagery and references, particularly in earlier installments.  In addition, the English localizations have frequently been plagued by a number of omissions, errors and deliberate alterations from their original Japanese counterparts. Notable examples include the mistranslated character names (Soleiyu Belmont from Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge is a mistranslation of “Soleil”, French for “sun”, and the name of the protagonist of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse was changed from “Ralph C. Belmondo” to “Trevor Belmont” for the English version).



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