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Nintendo Gameboy Super Donkey Kong GB SKUGB8 GB Donkey Kong Land

Nintendo Gameboy Super Donkey Kong GB SKUGB8 GB  Donkey Kong Land is a video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. It was first released in June 1995. The game is the portable spin-off of the original title, Donkey Kong Country for the Super Famicom, which spawned its own series alongside the main series. Donkey Kong Land was enhanced for the Super Game Boy and was packaged with a “banana yellow” cartridge which was later used for its sequels. Many of the games backgrounds elements, character models, and sound effects were directly ported from the Super Nintendo game onto the Game Boy, retaining the same style as the original. Despite sharing common level themes, the level design and story for each game are completely different.

Donkey Kong Land is a 2-D side-scrolling platform game, borrowing many of the mechanics established in Donkey Kong Country. However, because of hardware limitations of the portable console, several game play mechanics were changed to better suit the Game Boy. Similar to its console iteration, the A button is used to jump and swim and the B button is used to roll and grab barrels. The Select Button allows the player to switch control between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. However, only one Kong can be displayed on the screen at a time, while the second one teleports out when the selected or when one Kong is hit by an enemy.

Many of the gameplay mechanics are retained from Donkey Kong Country, such as KONG letters, animal buddies, bonus rooms and collecting bananas to gain extra lives. There are four worlds in Donkey Kong Land, each containing seven levels, excluding the first world which has a total of nine levels. Different from its Super Nintendo counterpart, levels in Donkey Kong Land have only one or two bonus levels within stages. The worlds, and the levels within them, are all unique to Donkey Kong Land, but follow similar level archetypes presented in the original Donkey Kong Country. Due to the Game Boy’s hardware limitations, the names of the levels can only be found in the instruction booklet.

Although many enemies return from Donkey Kong Country, some enemies found are completely original to Donkey Kong Land, such as Hogwash, Nemo, Fangfish and Hardhat. Additionally, all four of the game’s bosses are completely original toDonkey Kong Land.


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