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Nintendo Gameboy Super Mario Land SKUGB10

Nintendo Gameboy Super Mario Land SKUGB10 is a 1989 side-scrolling platform video game, the fourth in the Super Mario series, developed and published by Nintendo as a launch title for the Game Boy.

Super Mario Land is similar in gameplay to its predecessorss: as Mario, the player advances to the end of the level by moving to the right and jumping across platforms to avoid enemies and pitfalls. InSuper Mario Land, Mario travels to Sarasaland to save Princess Daisy from Tatanga, an evil spaceman. Two of the game’s twelve levels are “forced-scrolling” Gradius-style shooters where Mario helms a submarine or airplane and fires projectiles towards oncoming enemies and bosses. Levels end with a platforming challenge to reach an alternative exit located above the regular exit.

Unlike other Mario games, which take place in the Mushroom kingdom, Super Mario Land is set in Sarasaland and drawn in line art. Mario pursues Princess Daisy, in her debut, rather than the series standard damsel in distress, Princess Peach. Koopa shells explode rather than slide, Mario throws bouncing balls rather than fireballs, Mushroom power-ups are depicted as hearts, and the level-end flagpoles are replaced with a platforming challenge. Some elements recur from previous Mario games, such as blocks suspended in midair, pipes that lead to other areas, and Goomba enemies.


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