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Nintendo Gameboy Tetris Flash SKUGB15

Nintendo Gameboy Tetris Flash SKUGB15 , also known as Tetris 2, is a video game published in 1993.  Everyone’s favorite block-blasting puzzler returns in TETRIS Flash for the Game Boy. This sequel to the world-famous TETRIS adds a few new wrinkles to the classic formula. First and foremost is the addition of color to the block-matching festivities. Now you’ll have to pay attention to the color of the shapes as well as where you put them! Your primary goal in TETRIS Flash is to clear out the play area of the different colored flashing “bomb” blocks. The game includes three different gameplay modes: Normal mode has you clearing out each stage with a never-ending supply of blocks; in Puzzle mode, you’re challenged to clear out the stage with a specific number of blocks; and there’s also a Head-to-Head mode, where you can play against a human or computer opponent in a battle to the finish. TETRIS Flash is compatible with all Game Boy systems.

As a variation of the Tetris concept, rather than having the objective of matching horizontal lines of blocks which descend from the top of the screen as tetrominos, instead the player matches the colours of the descending blocks (which include irregular tetromino shapes) to blocks already fixed on the game board, which causes blocks to disappear from the board when three blocks of the same colour are matched, in a manner similar to the puzzle video game Dr.Mario.  The flash blocks in Tetris 2 are a bit like the “Flash Mode” in Columns. You beat each level by clearing a flashing block rather than accumulating cleared block.  Tetris 2/Flash introduces 3 new tetrominos into the game that have blocks that are not connected. Meaning that when one part of the tetromino has been place, the “unconnected” part of the tetromino will descend until it lands onto the floor or a block. This is a bit like Puyo-Puyo, as the Puyo blob blocks in that game are effected by gravity too, another game that this reminds me of.

The Rules

The shape and method of operation of the block piece, has been inherited from Tetris, but the rules differ greatly.

The minimum unit block has three colors white, grey and black.
Multiple “fixed blocks” are established from the start. In addition, there is one shiny “flash block”.
Players rotate the “moving block”  falling one by one from the top of the screen. Moving blocks are fixed in the field and drop to the floor of the other blocks and fields.
The moving block is composed of one of four blocks with three colors. Shapes are similar to Tetris, but both width and height square piece made up of two blocks do not appear. The other two or three small blocks are in contact at the corner, there are also shapes that are connected diagonally.

Block piece

Blocks regardless of type, disappear and the same color line up horizontally or vertically into three or more. Blocks don’t just  disappear by filling in the gap without blocking the lateral line as Tetris.
If you turn off the flash block, they all disappear with fixed blocks of the same color. However the moving block does not disappear. Stage is cleared by erasing all of the flash blocks.
If you turned off the blocks of the same color six or more side-by-side, moving blocks of the same color disappear. Flash blocks and the fixed blocks do not disappear.
When the block is gone, the moving block  becomes a chain.

Fighting mode

Erase all of the fixed blocks and flash blocks before your opponent. Attack your opponent by turning off the flash block in two of the chains.

When erasing flash blocks to lower the shutter on the opponent’s field top, it is possible to narrow the field. Also, it is possible to raise the shutter of their fields.

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