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Nintendo Gamecube Rogue Ops SKUGC18

Nintendo Gamecube Rogue Ops SKUGC18 is a third-person stealth-based action adventure title in the vein of Splinter Cell series.

Follows the story of Nikki Connors, as she seeks to revenge the deaths of her daughter and husband. An ex-member of the Green Berets she trains for two years to confront Omega 19, a nefarious terrorists organization. Use stealth and the latest in military technology, including retina scanner, special vision, fly cam, thermal optical camouflage, adrenaline boost, communication system and grapple hooks to take out the enemy once and for all.

You can hide in the shadows, in crates and vents, hang from the ceiling, and sneak up on guards to kill them before they see you. Of course, when action is required, there are a wide variety of weapons that will be used throughout the game; some weapons you’ll come across are a pistol, a rifle, a crossbow, grenades, proximity mines, and more. There are three different difficulty levels available.

Many levels allow for a variety of tactics to be used, so often players may shoot everything that moves or simply sneak through entire missions. However, a few missions will require that no enemy alarms be set off, meaning players will have to dispose of enemies quietly and hide the bodies from detection. As in the Metal Gear and Splinter Cell series, a variety of spy gadgetry (fly cam, retinal scanner, etc.) and weapons (throwing stars, sniper rifle] remote-controlled mines, etc.) are used during the various missions, and hand-to-hand combat is involved during close encounters with the enemy.


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Awesome little retro machines.

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