Nintendo N64 Donkey Kong 64 N6424 (no box)


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Nintendo N64 Donkey Kong 64 N6424

Nintendo N64 Donkey Kong 64 N6424

The game is a 3D adventure with strong platforming links, similar to that of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. There are a total of five playable characters, each with unique abilities and upgrades. The player starts out with access to Donkey Kong only, then goes on to unlock each of the other four Kongs as part of the gameplay. They are each necessary to defeat character-specific bosses in each level. Each feature length new Kong that is freed can be accessed as playable through tag barrels that are scattered throughout each world. Additionally, each Kong is represented by a color which works alongside the game’s unique collecting system where objects such as bananas and coins can only be collected by the Kong whose color corresponds to the color of that object.

Each playable Kong has several different collectibles within the game. There are five Golden Bananas per Kong in every level that only that specific character can get. The Golden Bananas are used as payment to open the entrance to every new level. In every level, each Kong delivers a color-appropriate blueprint to Snide in exchange for a Golden Banana. These will also extend the time limit the player has to complete the mission in the 8th world, where the player must deactivate the Blast-O-Matic. Each character can also find 100 color-appropriate bananas per level through single bananas, bunches, or balloons; collecting 75 of a character’s 100 bananas in a world will earn them a Banana Medal. The bananas are necessary to unlock boss fights which drop keys to K.Lumsy’s cage; collecting the keys open new areas of the DK Isles and Crocodile Isle. Another collectible is character-specific colored coins, which allow each Kong to buy essential combat items: Cranky Kong’s special ability potions, Funky Kong’s guns, and Candy Kong’s musical instruments. Other items to be collected are ammunition for guns, orange grenades, crystal coconuts used to fuel special abilities, film for taking banana fairy pictures, and headphones scattered in each level to restore the instruments’ powers.

Two single items of grave importance later in the game are the Nintendo and Rareware Coins, which can be obtained via classic video games emulated in Donkey Kong 64. 15 Banana Medals are required for the player to play Jetpac to get the Rareware Coin. The Nintendo Coin can only be found in the game’s third area, Frantic Factory, by playing the original Donkey Kong arcade game and winning twice (first for a Golden Banana, and second for the Nintendo Coin). Both are necessary to finish the final level.


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