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Nintendo N64 World Cup France 98 SKUN6428

Nintendo N64 World Cup France 98 SKUN6428 also known as International Superstar soccer 1998 is a football video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka which was released exclusively for the Nintendo 64

The game focuses on 1998 FIFA World Cup and includes each qualified team plus more. Every team which participated in tournament has home, away and goalkeeper World Cup official kits featuring manufacturer logos and national emblems and the rest has those used in qualifications. In the European version, the squads are in accordance with official 1998 FIFA World Cup squads as well. Teams that did not qualify have line-ups from the qualifiers (in the North American version, all teams have lineups from the qualifiers). However the players’ names are misspelled due to the lack of a FIFPro license, though they have their actual numbers, appearance, age, weight, weight and abilities. The Japanese version was an officially licensed World Cup product and included accurate player names, though stylised with Japanese text.

Headed for France World Cup’s most obvious and impressive improvement is a well-tuned A.I. that plays a tighter, more realistic game than FIFA’s A.I. did. Goalkeepers snuff many of the cheesy shots that scored in FIFA, while defenders close ranks around their zone and relieve you of the ball. The offense dodges tackles and can really penetrate-slide-tackles are no longer the magic move, and regular tackles are more effective.

The controls will be familiar to FIFA players, providing largely the same lineup of wild fakes and slick kicks, though the passing is noticeably crisper. All of this fine-tuning produces excellent gameplay that gets a lot more of the nuances of soccer right. The action’s exciting and realistic, and the game feels tense enough to be a real World Cup match.

Nice Kit Since World Cup focuses on the actual tournament, it offers only the 32 teams in the Cup, along with all their real-life players and the 10 Cup stadiums in France. Many gamers may want to stick with FIFA just because it offers tons more teams and players. However, World Cup does sport on-the-fly strategy adjustments and a cool Cup Classics mode.

Visually, World Cup’s got game with outstanding visuals that are minutely brushed up since FIFA. The players dribble, deke, and tackle with lifelike grace, and the sharp stadiums make for a snazzy backdrop.

As for sounds, the same mellow British commentators return and, damn, these guys need caffeine. Scoring should be accompanied by a frenzied yell of “Gooaaall!!”-not just the tepid statement, “And he scores.” Fortunately, the tunes and onfield sound effects perform nicely.

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