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Nintendo Super Famicom Mario Kart Carry Case SKU5002


Nintendo Super Famicom Mario Kart Carry Case SKU5002

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Nintendo Super Famicom Mario Kart Carry Case SKU5002

Nintendo Super Famicom Mario Kart Carry Case SKU5002 .  This classic carry case for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo can fit a whole range of collectors items.  Squeeze in your Super Famicom / Super Nintendo, and a host of games.  It has a separating compartment for your console and games so they dont knock into each other.  Squueze in your two controllers into the partition compartment, place your Super Famicom console on top, and power adapter, Audio Visual (AV) cable, games and some other accessories fit on the side.  Nice, neat and snug.  “Safe, and convenient storage for Nintendo’s Super Famicom”!!!

On the front of the case you have Super Mario from Super Mario Land, riding his dear friend Yoshi to save the world.  Along with original Japanese signage and clips in place, you can be sure your Super Fami will survive the trip to your friends place!  On the rear of the case you simpley have the Japanese characters and Nintendo insignia.  Overall a lovely design and definitely one to have in your retro collection.

No scratches whatsoever.  Has been kept in protective storage.  In excellent condition and bargain price.  Don’t believe us?  Check out online.  How do we keep our prices so low?  We have a business model of spreading video game happiness across the world, hence try to keep both you and ourselves happy by keeping it fair.

Take your fully charged carry case to your mate’s place and remember  the good old times ripping away with Streetfighter 2 or whatever your pleasure.  If you need a Super Famicom and a few games along with your purchase, just let us know and we will organise it.  Just contact through the email form in the menu tabs above or the contact us page.



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