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Nintendo Super Famicom Power Athlete SKUSFM4

Nintendo Super Famicom Power Athlete SKUSFM4 also known as Power Moves is a 1992 fighting video game developed by System Vision and published by Kaneko.

The gameplay is that of a traditional head-to-head fighting game. But unlike most games of its type, the single-player mode is limited to one character, Joe, who is the protagonist of the game. One of the game’s most distinctive aspects is an RPG-like system which enables the player to boost Joe’s various attributes, such as strength, speed and endurance. Another gimmick is the use of a two-plane fighting area (similar to that of SNK’s Fatal Fury: King of Fighters).


  • Joe – The main character, almost certainly based on Ryu; his special moves include a fireball delivered in much the same way as Ryu’s “Hadouken”, though with added recoil, and an airborne dash attack.
  • Warren – A Hawaiian grappler. Warren’s technique names are patterned on surfing terms – “Big Wednesday”, etc.
  • Reayon – The token female fighter, clearly inspired by Chun-Li.
  • Vagnad – A huge wrestler with onyx skin, who has moves similar to Zangief’s. The game manual for the Genesis version refers to Vagnad as a survivor of The Holocaust.
  • Nick – An arrogant, lightning-quick matador. His fighting style uses a combination of break dancing moves and knife throwing.
  • Buoh – A kabuki-style fighter who can teleport and attack with his hair.
  • Gaoluon – An acrobatic Chinese martial artist, wielding a pair of Deer Horn Knives.
  • Baraki – A tribal warrior with a bestial appearance reminiscent of Blanka.
  • Ranker – The non-playable final boss.


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