Nintendo Super Famicom Radical Psycho Machine Racing SKUSFC17


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Nintendo Super Famicom Radical Psycho Machine Racing SKUSFC17

Nintendo Super Famicom Radical Psycho Machine Racing SKUSFC17

RPM Racing (short for Radical Psycho Machine Racing) is a Super Famico racing game.  RPM was a successful remake of the Commodore 64 program Racing Destruction Set, developed by Electronic Arts in 1985. It claims to be the first American-developed game for the Super Famicom.  It was one of the first SFC games developed in ‘High Resolution Graphics Mode’ which allowed for sharper detail but fewer colors. While the higher resolution gave finer detail, it also severely limited the number of colors and amount of unique graphics that could be displayed from the SFC video memory. Due to this, the sequel to RPM (RPMII which was later renamed Rock N’ Roll Racing) was developed in the lower resolution graphics mode allowing for much more vibrant colors and graphic detail.  The logic engine and track editor for RPM were ported from an older EA title Racing Destruction Set.  There is an easter egg in the game on Track 29 which spells ‘Eat Me’ very clearly.

In the game, players can race in a regular season, a single race, and even get to create their own course. The courses can be straight and oval like NASCAR, curvy and flat like Formula One, or hilly and unpredictable like a monster truck track. The winner gets money and a chance to score his initials for the fastest time.


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