Nintendo Super Famicom Super Mario Kart SKUSFM9 (no box)


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Nintendo Super Famicom Super Mario Kart SKUSFM9

Nintendo Super Famicom Super Mario Kart SKUSFM9 is a 1992 go-kart racing video game developed by Nintendo.

The player is at the wheel of a go-kart and must race through a series of multi-race cups. The game features a cast of eight drivers borrowed from the entire Mario universe – Mario himself, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Browser, Koopa Troopa, Toad and Donkey Kong Jr. Each cup features five tracks and finishing in the top four awards the player points, which are later totted up to decide of the final winner. There are also two kart classes available from the start (50cc and 100cc) and a 150cc can be later unlocked by the player. Each racer features his or her own set of abilities, but also weight – light karts have a better acceleration rate and easier turning compared to the heavy weights and their higher top speed, but poor handling. The latter, however, can easily knock other karts off the road. Beside, players must always keep an eye on their stock of coins – running out and the karts will spin out of control when hit by another opponent and, consequently, lose valuable time. In the Mario tradition, countless power-ups can be collected throughout the game – special ‘question mark’ tiles give players special items that they can use to either power-up their karts, or slow down their opponents. They range from banana skins, green shells, red ‘homing’ shells, speed boost mushrooms, feather jumps, invulnerability stars and the all time favorite Thunderbolts shrinking down everyone on the track in the blink of an eye. Tracks also feature numerous hazards such as slippery oil sticks, hard pipes and other unusual obstacles such as Piranha Flowers or the annoying and furry Gophers who stick onto the players’ karts and slow them down. Finally, the game also includes a Match race mode where two players can race against each other, and an intense Battle Mode where two players duel each other inside small arenas.


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