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Nintendo Super Famicom Zero4 Champ RR Z SKUSFM11

Nintendo Super Famicom Zero4 Champ RR Z SKUSFM11 is a 1995 racing video game developed by Media Rings, and is the sequel to Zero4 Champ RR.

Vehicle manufacturers in the game include Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mitsuoka, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.

This game is an anime-style racing video game with an extensive simulation mode. Automatic transmission is now included but has a 0.5 second stall time between changing gears.

There are three options on the title screen; the full story (involving an 18-year-old driver pursuing his dreams), a vs mode (allowing players to use all the automobiles available in the game), and a mini-story mode that allows players to play matches in selected high-priced racing vehicles (some of them costing almost one billion yen). An example of a playable mini-story would involve a Back to the Future-type scenario about going back 300 years in time to the year 1995 in order to beat a record in drag racing using a machine this is similar to the DeLorean.

This game is not just a pure car racing game; it contains an original story in which you are playing the role of an 18-year-old  who has once become the champion of the Japanese Drag Racing World but is currently insulted in public because he is taken by an annoymous challenger in an unofficial challenge. He then moves his house and looks for a new start. It’s now up to you to regain his reputation! You will have to first off wander off in the new city and find out ways to financially support your sports cars. The most effective and fun way to make money is to kill the monsters in return for money from the monks. Later on you will also have to socialize with your ex-rival who will help you out in tunning cars and practicing, to find out shops which sell tunning parts and to find a date. As the story proceeds you can race against your rivals in a 400-meter straight racing track specializing the dragging power of your car starting from rest at zero to 400 meters. This is why this game is called Zero4 Champ RRZ with Zero4 meaning the 400-meter drag race. The key to winning is to tune up your car to the largest possible extent and hit the shiftpoints correctly. You will need money to purchase tunning parts. Needless to say racing is a good way to collect money. New cars will eventually be available in the showroom for you to race against tougher opponents on the harder wet and snow courses. This is the RPG part of the game which makes it unique in any other car racing games we can think of.



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