Retro 3 Tri Multi Console


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Retro 3 Tri Multi Console

Retro 3 Tri Multi Console

Play FC · SFC · GBA games with this funky console!   Nostalgia is the name of the machine, the “FC”, “SFC”, “GBA” software. Equipped is a triple slot, choose easily with one selector switch, you can now have fun of three ways. Body controller, cables, AC adapter all in the box.   You will enjoy the cool design and nostalgic game in color and remember the cool simple design and color! In addition, you can enjoy in the controller featured with respect to FC (Famicom) software.  This product is the original product of Columbus Circle, it is not a Nintendo licensed product. Names or product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.  The console is manufactured is China.

You will absolutely love the cool design and nostalgic game feeling with the cool simple design and color inclusion! In addition, you will really enjoy the controller with automatic fire featured with respect to FamiCom software such as shooting games.

Controller button placement of SFC (Super Famicom) is of course as it is, unfortunately with non-automatic fire.  FC (Famicom) is X (B) A (A) is fire. Y (B) B (A) is non-automatic fire.  GBA (Gameboy Advance) is ABLR both appearance array. Non-automatic fire.  Unfortunately the button arrangement can not be set.  For example, with the FamiCom software:
One is for automatic fire during attack, and the other used to jump (non-fire support).

Pad buttons are very loose to the touch.  There is no pad-like feeling as if you are pressing on an old controller, some say just like the cross pad on the PC engine.  The controller of the connector is the same as the SFC genuine so you don’t need to worry genuine product compatability although you will not be able to use the automatic fire function of Famicom.

A slight worry for some, is that there is no cover to the GBA slot, so if you keep your console in a stannding position you might get dust and dirt accumulating.  FC, SFC slots, to their benefit have covers with spring jumps.

FC software is widely compatable but not massive.  Some have noted that FC software manufactured by Konami is quite painful to disconnect from the slot.
It does not come off so needs some pressure.  Other software is the opposite, SFC, GBA is able to be able to be connected or disconnected smoothly without pressure.

Output is through a three-color cable only.  Because GBA original is a portable device, and display is reflected quite rough but still nice to play on big screen.
Game Boy software is able to playable through the Super Game Boy adapter. GBA games are a pleasure.

Small Issues:

The volume is rather low in Famicom mode so you need to boost to twice the volume. It is somewhat annoying for some people but you get used to it.


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