Retro Famicom Earphones


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Retro Famicom Earphones

Retro Famicom Earphones.  Get the retro Nintendo feeling while listening to your favorite 8-bit music or talking about the latest gaming news on the phone. This set of earphones and mic (which is built in the mini controller) comes in the classic 1980’s Famicom design in dark red and gold colors that every old school gamer will love—a replica Japanese Famicom earphone and in-line mic set called the Retro 2 Con(troller) Earphone Mic.  The Nintendo Family Computer, a.k.a. Famicom, was a video game console that was released in Japan in 1983. It lead to the development of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which might sound more familiar as it was released worldwide. The Famicom came with two controllers, one of which featured a small microphone, so the controller on these earphones is actually very realistic. The D-pad and “B” button are just decorations, but the “A” button can be used to pause/play, answer phone calls/hang up, and mute. The cord length can be adjusted between about 22 to 47 inches.  The earphones are in-ear buds with the dull crimson and gold design the original Famicom controllers once came in, and have an in-line mic that mimics the in-built microphone the Japanese Famicom second controller had.   The earphone set also comes with a retractable cable extender also in the same crimson-and-gold fittings which allows cord extension from 55cm to 120cm.  You can change the length of the cable to five length settings and detach the earbuds.

Awesome little retro machines.




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