Sega Game Gear Columns SKUSGG3


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Sega Game Gear Columns SKUSGG3

Sega Game Gear Columns SKUSGG3

Columns (コラムス) is a puzzle game created by Jay Geertsen in 1989.  Columns is a falling-block puzzle game. Like Tetris, the aim of the game is to try and stay alive – “columns” fall from the top of the screen, landing on-top of each other, and should the “pile” reach the top of the screen, the game is over. Success is determined by strategic placing of columns, and as the game progresses, the rate at which the columns fall increases.

In Columns, each column is made up of three coloured jewels stacked on top of each other. If three or more jewels of the same colour are aligned horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the jewels will be destroyed, and any jewels placed above will fall downwards. Unlike Tetris, the reliance on gravity means gameplay is combo-driven – repeated combos will spawn a “magic jewel” (in most versions of the game), which when collided with a normal jewel will eliminate all jewels of that colour on-screen. Games are played on a 6×13 grid, and points are awarded by destroying jewels (players also receive a bonus for starting the game at higher difficulties). In the majority of versions, hints will be displayed for the player up until level 3.

There are six coloured jewels in total.  There are only four buttons utilised in Columns. Left and right on the keypad move a falling column left or right across the screen, respectively, while down  speeds up the rate at which the column falls.  The remaining button is used to “rotate” the column  Columns can only be rotated while they are moving, however a certain amount of leeway (i.e. about a second) is given to columns which have just “landed”.  “Standard” 2-player mode, found in the arcade version of the game is largely identical to the arcade mode above, except two players are supported. It is not a competitive mode, so players can join and leave at will. Some versions remove this mode for logistical reasons, for example, the Sega Game Gear port where the handheld nature of the console renders this mode largely pointless.


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