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Sega Mega Drive 2 SKU43

Sega Mega Drive 2 SKU43.  1993 saw this cost-reduced redesign (known as the Mega Drive II in Europe, and not explicitly referred to as anything other than “Genesis” in North America), at 22 cm×21.2 cm×5.9 cm, being introduced internationally. One of the major revisions from the original model was the removal of the headphones jack in favor of stereo output through a redesigned 9-pin A/V port. American and European models used a momentary switch for power while non-western models used a left-right switch. Furthermore, the audio mixing circuitry was modified, resulting in noticeably different quality audio output

This update of the original Mega Drive was released in 1989.  There were several changes in this version including the removal of the slide volume adjuster, the headphone jack, the 9-pin EXT port and the RF out port.  The unit is in a smaller, lighter and slicker casing and the Power button has changed from a slide switch to a push switch.

First, it still retains the 2 controller ports with no real change here.

Gone are the Headphone Jack and Volume Control. Also gone is the RF output port and the Channel 3 & 4 switch needed for that port. We are left with just 2 connections on the back. Power and Audio/Video.

The Power port now requires a different AC plug verses the Original model (much to the bane of the classic gaming community). This new “Yellow Tip” supply also works with the SEGA 32X.

The Audio Video port is also a new (can’t use the old) port, but in this case an improvement. The 9-pin RCA Composite port, outputs stereo sound (unlike the original AV ports). The cable for this unit also works with the SEGA 32X, SEGA CDX, JVC X’EYE and SEGA Nomad. And provides a much better picture than the old RF.

This model also retained the SEGA CD port, and will technically work with both versions of the CD. But it is obviously tailored for use with the second version of the SEGA CD. (as it looks really bad on top of the first CD unit!)

Technical Specs:

CPU: 16-bit Motorolla 68000 (7.68MHz)
Graphics: Dedicated graphics processor
Colors: 512 (64 on screen)
Sprites: 80
Resolution: 320×224 pixels
Sound: 6 channel stereo.  TI 76489 PSG, Yamaha YM 2612 FM chips


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