Sega Mega Drive LandStalker SKUSMD83


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Sega Mega Drive LandStalker SKUSMD83

Sega Mega Drive LandStalker SKUSMD83.

Landstalker – Koutei no Zaihou (ランドストーカー 皇帝の財宝) in Japan, is a role-playing action-adventure game by Climax Entertainment released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1992 in Japan and in 1993 in the US and Europe, where it was also translated to French (Landstalker: Le Tresor du Roi Nole) and German (Landstalker: Die Schätze von König Nolo).

Nigel (Ryle in Japan and Niels in Germany) is a treasure hunter working for pay. While receiving payment for a recent hunt, the wood nymph Friday flies in, asking for help, as she is being chased by thieves who know she knows something about the treasure of King Nole, a forgotten king who escaped his subjects’s wrath and became lost with his treasure. Nigel sets out to find the treasure with Friday as a guide in the hopes of becoming richer than his wildest dreams.

From the outset of the game, Nigel may walk, jump, swing his sword, climb ropes and ladders, talk to various non-player characters, and pick up and throw various objects. With very few exceptions, these basic actions do not change throughout the game, although Nigel’s weapons and armor may be replaced with better versions thereof. There are a variety of items throughout the game, most of which either increase or restore health and attacking power or are important to advancing the plot or solving puzzles.

The game’s dungeons are filled with monsters, traps, and puzzles that require the player to jump from platform to platform press switches and move blocks to climb on. Locked doors inhibit the player’s progress, the player must find keys or beat enemies or puzzles to unlock them and progress further. Many dungeons and areas have a boss to defeat at the end. The monsters, puzzles and dungeons increase in difficulty as the game progresses. The player has health which is kept track of by hearts; health and the maximum health limit may be increased with items purchased in towns or found in dungeons. The player is not prevented from revisiting old towns and dungeons, and is frequently required to do so to advance the plot.

There are several optional side quests found in the game involving helping out the non-player characters. Nigel can complete these tasks for benefits, like increased attacking power and use of shortcut warps to travel across the overworld quicker. These can help the player but are not necessary to complete the game.

A and C  swings your sword. B  jumps. When near a person or sign, A and C talks to him/her/reads it. When near an object that can be picked up, such as a book (explained later) or crate, A and C once picks it up and again throws it (it cannot merely be dropped, but Nigel can jump while holding something). Some villages have a church where the priest asks the player to bring some books on a nearby shelf to him:

  • Awakening Book: cures hallucinations
  • AntiCurse Book: cures curses
  • Detox Book: cures poisoning
  • Record Book: saves the game’s progress (this is the only way to save)

Pressing START opens a menu where the player may either use items picked up or equip different weapons collected.


The Japanese version is region free unlike the North American and European versions.


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