Sega Saturn Virtua Fighter Remix SKUSS12


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Sega Saturn Virtua Fighter Remix SKUSS12

Sega Saturn Virtua Fighter Remix SKUSS12 developed in 1995 by Sega-AM1, was an update of the original Virtua Fighter. Virtua Fighter Remix was an update of the original Virtua Fighter with higher-polygon models, texture mapping and some gameplay changes. The original early-release Virtua Fighter launched alongside the Sega Saturn system. Although it did accomplish much technology-wise, it became known to Sega Saturn owners as a glitched and buggy fighting game for the system. A while later, Sega decided to release Virtua Fighter Remix. This fixed many of the issues found in the original. It was given free to registered US Saturn owners via mail for the disappointed Sega fans that bought the first.

Punch-it out with eight polygon pummeling fighters: Jacky, Sarah, Akira, Lau, Pai, Wolf, Jeffry, and Kage. Includes all 700 butt-whoopin’ moves from the arcade hit. Hear every punch, smack and bone crack in CD surround sound. Dynamic replay perspectives show every knockout blow!

The character select art, as well as the cover for Japanese Saturn version, is drawn by Katsuya Terada. This art is also included in the manual for the Japanese 32X Virtua Fighter, and as the icons in Virtua Fighter 2′s select screen.


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