Sega Saturn Virtua Stick SKU 1021 (HSS-0104)


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Sega Saturn Virtua Stick SKU 1021 (HSS-0104)

Sega Saturn Virtua Stick SKU 1021 The Virtua Stick is an arcade stick peripheral released for the Sega Saturn – the first officially licensed one built by Sega. There are two models of the Virtua Stick, the first (HSS-0104) was released internationally and features turbo switches, while the second (HSS-0136) only made it to Japan and is closer to what you might find built-in to Sega arcade cabinets.  This item is the first model as indicated on the packaging.

The Virtua Stick was originally designed to compliment one of the Saturn’s earliest versus fighters – Virtua Fighter and has a 9 button set up that mimics the 9 buttons on the regular Saturn control pad (including the 2 shoulder buttons). It is also endowed with turbo buttons and a slider to alter the rate of fire when turbo is engaged.  The Virtua Stick is larger than the Arcade Power Stick and also has a weighty base made of metal making the stick nice and stable during frantic gameplay.   Some say there needs to be more weight to keep it stable during play but we haven’t found it to be a problem.  The stick and buttons feel arcade-like.  The joystick part is very well made with lovely arcade quality micro switches but the actual buttons are basically the same style that you find on a control pad.  Regardless, these sticks can soak up some punishment and some still use their original Virtua Stick for years without issues.

In terms of games there’s Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Megamix, and of course the many Capcom titles.


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