Sega Saturn Virtual Open Tennis SKUSS13


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Sega Saturn Virtual Open Tennis SKUSS13

Sega Saturn Virtual Open Tennis SKUSS13 is one of only two tennis games released for the Sega Saturn. Features include 3 modes of play (tournament, exhibition and practice), 3 playing surfaces and 10 choices of player.  Virtual Open Tennis is a fantastic tennis game with not that many weak spots. It gives a reasonable amount of options, from Tournament mode to a special Training mode to hone your tennis skills. There really aren’t any weak spots, although the speed is a little bit faster than a normal tennis game. The graphics are very good for a 32-bit system and it’s very pleasing at what came out. Two different tournaments ranging from beginner to expert. The training mode is also a very worthy feature. Ranging in different modes from serve to “The Can Game” where your player serves and tries to hit the cans sitting in the service box. When you hit one or more cans, you’ll be given points. The computer gives to different options to select before you start.

You select from ten fictional players, each with their own unique attributes.  The court is viewed vertically, providing a good view for the player on the nearside, but a lousy view for the opponent.  The players look slightly pixelated  but are nicely animated.  The players move somewhat erratically especially when you use the turbo button.  They automatically dive for tough shots and can sometimes make some spectacular plays.  The big yellow ball is easy to follow, and a red mark appears where it lands, making it easy to determine if a shot was in or out.

The game’s musical soundtrack includes some ear-splitting rocks and some soothing jazz tunes.  It has great multiplayer support.


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