Sega Saturn Wingarms SKUSS15


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Sega Saturn Wingarms SKUSS15

Sega Saturn Wingarms SKUSS15 is a 1995 mission based flight simulator taking place some time after World War 2 in an alternate chain of events. Players choose one of seven different Allied and Axis fighter planes and are assigned to six seek and destroy missions against a large, equally unified squadron and naval force. It is an arcade style flight simulator, as the physics are simplified for the sake of playability; the planes do not stall when traveling under stalling speeds and planes do not crash against water and other surfaces when descending from high altitudes.

Players start immediately by choosing the plane they wish to pilot. From there, their missions start with a quick briefing from the aircraft carrier’s admiral via radio. Players must accomplish a particular goal in order to progress, particularly destroying a certain number of plane targets or destroying a particular base, ship or fortification.

After every mission, players are ranked by the types of targets they destroyed (Land, Air and Sea), their total amount of targets destroyed, the time it took them to clear the mission and their current rank. Players can work their way up in ranks with 2nd Lieutenant being the lowest and Colonel being the highest. Players are also given three credits they can use once their plane is destroyed.

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