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Sony Playstation 2 Gran Turismo Concept 2001 Tokyo SKUPS24

Sony Playstation 2 Gran Turismo Concept 2001 Tokyo SKUPS24 is a racing video game of the Gran Turismo series for PS2 which is developed by Polyphony Digital. It is essentially a short version of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, but with concept cars that ended up in Gran Turismo 4. It was released in 2002 in Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, and Europe. For undisclosed reasons, the game was not released in the North American market, although a stripped-down version of it was released in form of Gran Turismo: Nissan 350Z Edition.

The 2001 Tokyo version features Tokyo Motor Show 2001 concept cars including the Nissan GT-R Concept ’01. It was released in Japan and Southeast Asia on January 1, 2002.

A. Course License — Do you remember the S License from Gran Turismo 2 and 3 A-spec? This mode is a similar to those, but the difference is that you don’t have to drive exactly on the road, a few outs won’t effect here! Also, if you have crushed, that won’t effect, too. Just try to get near the Gran Turismo GT-R V-spec II(R34) car, or if you want to get the Gold prize, beat it. Once you choose the course you want to control, you will be asked if you want the Gran Turismo GT-R V-spec II(R34) to be there or not. Anyway, you must beat the course before the time reach the following times (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) in order to get the prize (a car or two). If you get Bronze or Silver, you will get one car, but if you get Gold, you will take the same car plus another better car as an extra prize! Here is a table that shows the course that you will play using the car in the second column, with the times of course.

B. Single Race — Single Race is the same as in every other Gran Turismo game. This is not like Course License, here you will compete other cars (from 1 to 5 cars) instead of the time. Before you enter a Single Race, you will be asked about the difficulty. Normal, Professional, or Ace. Every difficulty (except for Ace) and a course will let you unlock a NEW car. The only difference between these difficulties is that Normal has 2 laps, Professional has 3 laps, and Ace 5 laps. Dirt (or Rally) Cars can only be played in the Dirt Courses. Also, Other Cars cannot be used in the Dirt Courses. Two more options are available; Demonstration and Machine Setting. Demonstration lets you see the CPU controls the cars just like a replay. When you choose a car, the other cars should be as the following (I know I made a huge effort on this since I don’t know Katakana very well). BTW, the number of cars depend on the type of race you do:

C. 2P Battle —  The known two-player, split-screen race is here to add more fun. You compete another human by using another joystick or steering controller. Nothing else to say here.

D. Free Run — If you wish to play, practice, or try a car or course, then this mode is what you’re seeking for. Nothing much to say, if you have finished playing, quit the mode since the laps are unlimited. There’s a new feature, it’s loading and saving ghosts! What’s a ghost? It’s like a replay of the best lap you done, and its use is to let you know if you will break a record by beating this ghost. This requires a save data besides the normal save, so, you have to have a MEMORY CARD (8MB) (for PlayStation2). Data Logger is available, too. Data Logger is like the Analyser of GT3: A-spec (except the name). Also, you can break a record and save it just like Course License mode, here.

B. Courses — In Gran Turismo Concept: 2001 Tokyo, there are 10 courses in total (pod Race course is the 11th). In this section, I added the information about these courses. Midfield Raceway Length: 3597m. Difficulty: Easy. Place: Unknown. Previous Appearance: Gran Turismo 2, and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec. Tokyo R246 Length: 5120m. Difficulty: Normal. Place: Japan. Previous Appearance: Gran Turismo 3 A-spec. Swiss Alps [Dirt Course] Length: 3290m. Difficulty: Hard. Place: Switzerland. Previous Appearance: Gran Turismo 2, and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec. Tahiti Maze [Dirt Course] Length: 3555m. Difficulty: Hard. Place: Society Islands, in French Polynesia. Previous Appearance: Gran Turismo 2, and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec. Autumn Ring Length: 3036m. Difficulty: Normal. Place: Unknown. Previous Appearance: Gran Turismo, and Gran Turismo 2. Pod Race Length: Unknown. Difficulty: Easy. Place: Unknown (perhaps Clubman Stage Route 5 or Special Stage Route 5). Previous Appearance: None (Clubman Stage Route 5 appear in Gran Turismo, and Gran Turismo 2, and Special Stage Route 5 appeared in Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2, and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec).

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