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Sony Playstation 2 Time Crisis 2 Gun Con (boxed)


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Sony Playstation 2 Time Crisis 2 Gun Con

Sony Playstation 2 Time Crisis 2 Gun Con.  Time Crisis 2 for the PlayStation2. To maintain the same arcade intensity, the GunCon2 light-gun peripheral is packaged with the title. A fast-paced duck and shoot action for 2 players to enjoy simultaneously. Time Crisis 2 contains all of the bullet-flying action of its arcade counterpart, plus many new extras. The story remains the same, with two V.S.S.E. agents racing against time to rescue a fellow agent while stopping Neodyne industries. Their plan: to establish a network of satellites they claim are strictly for communications, but are actually military in nature. All the graphics, artwork and movies have been exclusively redesigned for the PlayStation2 version. Additional original modes (mini games) have been included to improve your shooting skill–Quick and Crash, Shoot Away 2 and Agent Trainer. Newly added are exciting modes–One stage trial mode, and Double-Gun mode. The game also features innovative 2 player modes–Use one PlayStation2 and play the game by splitting the screen into half, or connect another PlayStation2 with an IEEE 1394 cord and play exactly like the Arcade version! Time Crisis 2 is also backwards compatible with the original Guncon.

This game is the reason to own a guncon! At first, this game may seem like it doesn’t have much to offer. You probably played most of these levels at the arcade.  This game is different than other guncon games though. There are a ton of extras and even a fun shooting range mode. The shooting range mode shoots these 2 discus’ and you gotta shoot them before they hit the ground.



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