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Sony Playstation 2 Time Crisis Gun Con (boxed)


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Sony Playstation 2 Time Crisis Gun Con (boxed)

With the President’s daughter safe and secure, things are finally starting to get back to normal in the good old U.S. of A. Just when you though you’d earned a little rest and relaxation, however, a group of terrorists called the Starlight Network decide to launch a nuclear missile attack. There are plenty of areas to explore and bad guys to shoot in this sequel to the popular CRISIS: Time Crisis. Using a gun accessory (included), you’ll plug straight in to your PS2 and start picking off enemies. Each detailed level is guarded by a powerful boss character that wants you to succeed about as much as you want a hole in the head, so watch out. Makeshift explosive devices such as barrels and trucks are everywhere, so don’t be shy about using a little creativity to take out a huge group of terrorists. Can you prevent the Starlight Network from doing their worst? The world is counting on you.

Originally released in Japanese arcades way back in October 1998, Namco’s Time Crisis 2 surprisingly never saw a release on Sony’s PlayStation. Given the moderate success of the first Time Crisis on the system it seemed like a sure-fire release, but it never happened.  For those that aren’t familiar with the arcade game, Time Crisis 2 set arcades across the nation ablaze with its two-player linked play where both players were offered their own individual perspective of the action — versus just both shooting at the same screen.

Time Crisis 2 on PlayStation 2 supports multiplayer play via two-player split screen or i.LINK. What this means is that if you have two televisions, two PlayStation 2s, two copies of the game, two light guns and an i.LINK cable, you’ll be able to bring all the excitement of the arcade version to your living room.

So, it’s almost time to bust out the all-new USB-compatible GunCon 2 that will be released alongside the game and shoot some bad guys. Current GunCon owners need not worry, either, as Namco has confirmed that the original PlayStation GunCon is completely compatible with Time Crisis 2 on PlayStation 2. The GunCon 2 is a pretty attractive piece of hardware, though, borrowing a couple of design elements from the Dreamcast lightgun (like the D-pad placed where your thumb rests) without entirely embracing its ugly Star Trek-esque looks. Furthermore, it’s black, which is an excellent color for a lightgun.

The GunCon 2 has a much larger complement of buttons than its predecessor.  A and B buttons sit on the left and right sides of the barrel, Select and Start sit further down on the left side, and there’s a C button on the bottom of the grip, in addition to the aforementioned D-pad up on top. Like the original GunCon, it will use a special video passthrough cable for extra accuracy, if you choose to set it up that way.

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