Sony Playstation Netz Toyota Racing SKUSP4


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Sony Playstation Netz Toyota Racing SKUSP4

Sony Playstation Netz Toyota Racing SKUSP4.  The game was never actually sold in stores, it was given away free in Japan for people who test drove a Toyota car. Sold in store, it was renamed as Simple 1500 Series Vol.038 – The Real Racing: Toyota by D3Publisher.  The disc is basically an advertisement as it has short video clips of Toyota’s then-new car models. But it has a fairly well fleshed-out game included. No surprise, as it’s the same game engine used a year earlier in Advan Racing. Only here all the playable cars are Toyota’s.

LOve Toyotas? Then you’ll love this.  Even ythough it’s not essentially a full game it can bring hours of entertainment, rummaging the tracks in your favourite Toyota.  Challenge the track in a Toyota Aristo, a Toyota chaser, a Toyota Altezza, or a Toyota Vitz.

Some nice mpeg videos in the introduction of each vehicle racing through the test track, countryside or streets of Japan.

There’s a championship mode, single races, time attack and even a two-player mode. All of the four tracks are based on real circuits, too. For a free game it’s extremely well made, and anyone would’ve been very excited to receive something like this back in the day.

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