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Sony Playstation One SKU19 (no box)


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Sony Playstation One SKU19 (no box)

Sony Playstation One SKU19 (no box).  A major, slimmer redesign of the original PlayStation, the PS One offered several other minor changes, such as a new system menu GUI and better protection against modding.  If the original PlayStation was the video game console equivalent of the ’60s-era Volkswagen Beetle–economic, reliable, loads of fun–the PS One could be considered the Beetle–a hip restyling of those same qualities.

Make no mistake: the PS One has all of the same functionality as the original PlayStation workhorse, will work with all of the same peripherals and accessories, and will play the existing PlayStation game library, as well as audio CDs (also note that, like the original PlayStation, it’s not compatible with the more advanced PlayStation 2). The difference here is that this remake model is quite a bit smaller than its older brother, and quite a bit cuter, too.

The system is made up of a 32-bit, 34-MHz RISC processor with 16 Mbits of main memory, 8 Mbits of graphics memory, 24-channel stereo sound, double-speed CD-ROM drive, and one Dual Shock analog controller. That’s not a lot of power, compared to a next-generation system like the Sega Dreamcast; but, when you factor in its very low price and the enormous library of games that are available (more than 1,000 that are spread across every genre imaginable).

The console is significantly smaller than the original Playstation, but is just as enjoyable. The accessories such as the LCD screen and the pocket station helped improve the lifespan of the console and made the replay value insanely high. If you are looking for and entertaining console that you can enjoy today and is really cheap,the PSone is highly recommended.  The PSone is a great console to play even in 2015.

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