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Sony Playstation Street Fighter Zero SKUSP6

Sony Playstation Street Fighter Zero SKUSP6 in Japan, Asia, South America and Spain and known as Street Fighter Alpha  is a series of fighting games that are part of the Street Fighter universe created by Capcom. The series serves as a sequel to the original Street Fighter and a prequel to Street Fighter II, bridging the gap between the two games. Each title has been ported onto numerous consoles while receiving slight modifications.

Sony Playstation Street Fighter Zero includes new features include Darkstalkers-style chain combos, Alpha Counters, a 3 level super gauge, anime-style character designs and ten playable characters along with three bosses. Seven of these are characters new to the series, with three being completely new characters:

  • Ryu from Street Fighter.
  • Ken from Street Fighter.
  • Chun-Li from Street Fighter II.
  • Sagat from Street Fighter.
  • Birdie from Street Fighter.
  • Adon from Street Fighter.
  • Charlie (known as Nash in Japan), Guile’s comrade.
  • Rose, a gypsy who uses tarot cards as her method of attack.
  • Guy from Final Fight.
  • Sodom from Final Fight.
  • M. Bison from Street Fighter II.
  • Akuma from Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
  • Dan, a parody of Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia from SNK’s Art of Fighting games.

Both Dan and Akuma serve as secret bosses if certain requierements are met. All three boss characters can be selected by inputting secret codes.

Street Fighter Alpha revamps the Super Combo system introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo by adding a three-level Super Combo gauge. Like in Super Turbo, the Super Combo gauge fills in as the player performs regular and special techniques. When the gauge reaches Level 1 or higher, the player can perform a Super Combo technique. The number of punch or kick buttons pressed simultaneously when performing a Super Combo determines the amount that will be used. In addition to Super Combos, the player can also perform a special counterattacking technique called an Alpha Counter (Zero Counter in the Japanese version) after blocking an opponent’s attack, which consumes a level of the Super Combo Gauge.

There are two playing styles that can be selected after choosing a character: “Normal” and “Auto”. Auto differs from Normal in that the character automatically guards against a limited number of attacks (provided the character is not in the middle of performing an attack). Auto also allows the player to perform an instant Super Combo by pressing a punch and kick of the same strength simultaneously, but at the expense of reducing the maximum level of the Super Combo gauge to one.

There are also new basic techniques such as Air Blocking, the ability to guard during mid-air, and Chain Combos (also known as Alpha Combos, or Zero Combos in Japan), which are combos that are performed by interrupting the animation of one basic move by performing another of equal or greater strength. In addition to recovering from an opponent’s throw, the player also has the ability to roll on the ground when they fall to the ground after an attack.

The single player mode consists of seven random computer-controlled opponents and a final opponent whose identity depends on the storyline of the player’s selected character. M. Bison is the final boss for half of the characters. There are also two hidden characters: Akuma, who returns from Super Turbo as an alternate final boss only after certain in-game requirements are met, and a new character named Dan (a popular Capcom spoof character), who challenges the player during the course of the game if certain requirements are met.

The game also features a secret two-on-one Dramatic Battle mode in which two players as Ryu and Ken fight against a computer-controlled M. Bison, a match inspired by the final fight between the characters in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (the Japanese arcade version of the game plays an instrumental rendition of the movie’s battle theme, “Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokorozuyosato”, which was replaced by M. Bison‍ ’​s regular theme in the overseas releases).


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