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Sony Playstation Tekken SKUSP8

Sony Playstation Tekken SKUSP8  The first game in the series, Tekken, was released in 1994, first as an arcade game and then as a port for the PlayStation in 1995. The game featured eight playable characters, each with its own sub-boss and stage and theme. The PlayStation version featured remixes of the characters’ themes, and also made the sub-bosses playable for a total of eighteen characters, including a costume swap for Kazuya (Devil Kazuya). In addition, a cutscene was unlocked when the player finishes arcade mode with each of the original eight characters. The canon ending of the game consisted of Kazuya exacting revenge on his father Heihachi Mishima, beating him in the tournament and tossing him off the same cliff that he was thrown off of by Heihachi.

The premise of each game in the main series documents the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. The prize is typically control of the company, which then allows the winner to host the following tournament. After beating the game with each character, an ending cutscene is unlocked and usually one of the endings from each game becomes the continuation of the story into the following installment. The story has largely revolved around the Mishima clan curse, which began narratively with Heihachi Mishima throwing his son Kazuya Mishima from a cliff when he was five years old. Kazuya was nearly killed from the fall, but through the influence of the “Devil Gene” he survived and swore revenge to his father by the time of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Players can choose from a diverse cast that hails from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and fighting styles. A few characters have supernatural origin, such as Devil, Angel, Mokujin, Ogre and Azazel, while animal characters like Kuma, Panda, the Roger family, and Alex provide comic relief. In the story mode of the game, each character generally has their own personal reasons for entering the tournament and competing for the prize.

So far, only four characters have appeared in all main Tekken games: Yoshimitsu, Heihachi Mishima, Paul Phoenix and Nina Williams. The Jack cyborgs, Kazuya Mishima, and Lee Chaolan appeared in eight installments (though Kazuya did make a cameo in the third game). Other recurring characters includes Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Armor King, Marshall Law and King. In fact, all nine games feature Law, King and Kuma style fighters, even if they were represented by different characters (i.e. Marshal vs. Forest Law, King vs. King II, and Kuma vs Kuma II).

Characters with background connections in the story typically have styles or moves in common.  In Tekken, players could only block attacks manually.  For example, the three playable generations of the “orthodox” Mishima family (Heihachi, Kazuya, and Jin) have handed down many family techniques, such as their signature “crouch-dash” and the moves that chain from it. Jin Kazama is more divergent, because his mother Jun Kazama was also a playable character, and he inherited some of her moves along with Kazuya’s. There are other story relationships that affect gameplay, such as Wang Jinrei and his granddaughter/student Ling Xiaoyu, or Baek Doo San and his student Hwoarang. Some, like Anna Williams, started as an “alternate costume” for an existing character before branching out and getting some unique moves in later installments.


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