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Streetfighter Guile Figure


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Streetfighter Guile Figure

Streetfighter Guile Figure.  From Square Enix. Guile, the American soldier who has sworn to avenge his best friend, joins the fray in the latest volume of our Play Arts KAI line of action figures from the wildly popular fighting game Super Street Fighter IV! Guile comes with an exchangeable set of hands, effect parts for his signature move, Sonic Boom and an alternate head. Game-accurate paint application, texture and details like Guile’s American flag tattoo also bring this dynamic figure to life.

Guile action figure Play Arts Kai Super Street Fighter IV.   Guile from the smash hit fighting game Super Street Fighter IV makes his debut in the Play Arts KAI range; Guile, a soldier out to avenge his fallen comrade.Secure your new item by ordering today at VideoGamesJapan.   Includes an accessory of the effect for Guile’s “Sonic Boom” special technique to enhance the dramatic aspect of the figure!

Super Street Fighter IV (スーパーストリートファイターIV Sūpā Sutorīto Faitā Fō) is a 2.5-dimensional fighting game, and is an update of Street Fighter IV. It features additional characters and character tweaks.  An arcade version of the game was also released in Japan on December 16. New features include the addition of two new characters (Yun and Yang) as well as many gameplay rebalances. Additionally, the Arcade Edition includes two secret bosses (Evil Ryu and Oni) later added as playable characters. It was released worldwide on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 7, 2011 as DLC and as a stand-alone disc June 24, 2011 for Europe, June 28, 2011 for North America, and June 30, 2011 for Japan. SSFIV: AE was released for PC on July 5, 2011.  The game features all 39 characters already unlocked, and eight alternate costumes for the four new characters (two different costumes each for the four new characters), with different colors. The game feature an updated replay channel which feature Replay Follower, My Channel Advanced, and Elite Channel.


Awesome little retro machines.





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